Ceramics: Contemporary Artists Working in Clay

Yayy ! Look what came in the mail ! This beautiful book (Chronicle Books ) by Kate Singleton ( http://www.buysomedamnart.com/) with a selection of contemporary artists producing ceramic works of art and with a foreword from Danielle Krysa (http://www.thejealouscurator.com/blog/ ). We are so honored to be among such talented artists from all around the world, some of them we’ve known already for some time and others are fresh and just as beautiful. The book has an outstanding design, die-cut and foil-stamped hardcover and the reproductions are awesome! Thank you so much,Kate,for believing in our vision!
You can get it here and in your bookstores as well:

Embroidered Photographs with Rainbows

Rainbows are projections of our utmost self. They are our pure, unaltered, infinite inner beauty in such beautiful colors. We seek to rediscover, reconstruct them in an untirable way, over and over again until the perfect rainbows shine again. We polish the dust in order to have a bright glowing appearance. Rainbows are the mirrors of our present self, of who we are in this momentum, they show us what needs to be perfectioned. They are like maps of the soul displayed by the Universe in forms of human beings, situations, feelings and each one of them gives us the opportunity of getting closer to our true, perfect being. ( Orka )

Embroidered Photographs

Hey, guys ! It's been a while since our last post :) We've been really busy, but we'll try to come here more often. These are some of the recent works I've created ( Orka ). I have found some beautiful old books in a vintage objects store close to my home. The books are filled with beautiful and inspiring images which I used to embroider, color and draw on. Yes, they are hand embroidered photographs. Enjoy! Be happy and inspired ! Life is fascinating !

Our Art Dolls Featured in Little Thing Magazine




Hey, guys ! We have great news ! Our art dolls have been published in China's Little Thing magazine ! They combine fashion, culture and creative designs together and they promote recycling, redesign and  artists. The magazine itself is considered to be the most beloved magazine by creative and artistic girls in China. Each magazine has a theme and this one's is " the rabbit " and yes, it's full of hares of all sorts : painted, drawn, sculpted and whatever you can and cannot imagine ! Yayyy !

Our Clay Dolls Featured in Art Doll Quarterly

art dolls, doll, sculpture mixed media
Maaike featured in Art Doll Quarterly

harem6, dolls, modern art
Jovany and Cat Dolls

Dear friends we are so excited to be in the May issue of Art Doll Quarterly ! We are more than happy to be among all those beautiful doll artists shown in the magazine. In case you haven't purchased it here is our article :
The truth is we hadn’t been interested in doll  making until four years ago. We were creating mixed media photographs at the time, one of us would make the drawings and the other one would take photographs which were collaged with the drawings into one surreal image. We felt we needed a change. We didn’t know what we wanted exactly we only felt we were open to new experiences, the kind we’ve never tried before. We love looking  at  other  people’s  work  and  discovering  new  artists  and  that  is  when  we discovered the work of Christina Bothwell and Christine Alvarado, among many other contemporary sculptors. They inspired us and this inspiration was the beginning of a new world for us. We realized we would like to try and create dolls and animal like shapes.When we were children we didn’t have so many toys as children do nowadays and we’ve always been fascinated by old toys and dolls, we find great inspiration in them.” I was lucky to have my grandmother who was a very talented dressmaker and she made sewn fabric animals for me to play with.  She also used to repair  dolls  when she was very young: sew back their hair which fell off, mend their arms, legs and bodies, as in the1930s dolls cost a lot and people couldn’t  afford buying many so they would have them repaired. This was the way the older sisters, around 13 years old, supported the large family of eight brothers.  I think about her with great joy and comfort in my soul, she is the person who always encouraged me to draw and create.” ( Ildiko )This new journey was really hard at the beginning as we never learned anything about the technique of creating a doll, neither in the art school nor from any other artist as there is no art doll community in Romania. We had to learn everything by ourselves and the first lesson was to be patient no matter how hard it would be. We must say that the first creations were really ugly and we were not at all satisfied with the result. This was rather an experiment, we wanted to see what working with clay and fabric are like.  Our first dolls were made of polymer clay, their faces were painted in acrylic colors and had fabric dresses hand sewn by ourselves. Creating their faces wasn’t so exciting as we’ve never been very fond of painting and the outcome was not the one we expected, we wanted a human expression which would somehow tell a story of her own. We soon realized we want the sort of material we can draw on and Flavia created a clay formula which made the drawing on it possible. That is when the true adventure began. We worked many hours every day as we were so excited and loved the process of creation. We never make sketches. The image of the work we want to make is rather unclear at the beginning and it recreates itself while working. We love the feeling of joy and surprise of a story which has never been told before. The process evolved in time and we love to try new shapes. Contemplation is the key for understanding the beauty and nobility of life. Through it we will  see  how beautiful  or  disordered  the  world  has  become.  Interaction  is  the  main concept in our work. This interaction takes place between the eyes and the contemplated and it is then born in the object. We’ve always held an intense interest for nature and animals. Our work is inspired by real life but eventually results into surreal. Even the human faced dolls are as if they come from an unreal universe, a stage in a theater where everything is possible. We feel at ease in this surreal world, we find joy in the untold and the infinite possibilities of the imagination. What we love the most is the making process which could last for a few weeks. It begins many times in  a  flea  market  where  we look for  fabric  and small  vintage  objects  to embellish the dolls. We recently found great inspiration in Romanian and Balkan folklore patterns and we used vintage hand embroidered fabric for the skirts of the deer dolls. Our love for animals found its expression in the animal headed dolls and other animal shaped objects we make. “In the beginning Flavia was shaping the art objects and making the skirts and I was the one who drew the faces and bodies, in time we both learned from each other and we both draw, paint and shape them. “All our works reflect our personalities, they are fragments of our souls. We sometimes imagine them on a beautifully decorated stage where anything is possible and this is such a beautiful image, full of possibilities and the pleasure of not knowing what’s next and e great expectation of the new work to come is amazing. There is such joy and an impossible feeling to describe before a new idea starts its way. You have to know the art of waiting, that sleepy momentum, which isn’t a waste of time or dead. We’d call it the glorious silence, one of the most important parts of the work.
Technique:  All  the  dolls  have  their  torso  and  head  in  one  piece  which  is  made  of aluminum. The arms and legs are all separate pieces and they are shaped on wood sticks.Antlers are made of wire and aluminum. After the skeletons are ready we shape the air dry clay onto these structures. Once the clay is dry we can put on the dress or skirt. We sew the skirt of the doll, which is made of a vintage piece of fabric, by hand or machine,this depends on each piece. After the skirt is ready we tie it to the torso and sink it into a fabric stiffener and shape it and leave it to dry. The legs and arms are tied to the body with a thread. We sometimes embellish the sculptures with small vintage objects or for some creations we make wire wheels which we paint with acrylic colors. After the doll is dry we draw the body and face with graphite and colored pencils. The drawings are then varnished in order to protect them.

Hand Embroidered Art Dolls Christmas Ornaments for your Home

Art Doll, Air Dry Clay Art Object, Dolls with Drawings, Geometry, Mixed Media, Ceramic Sculpture, Christmas ornament, Embroidered
Mixed media ceramic art doll with fish, flower and geometry

Art Doll with Antlers,OOAK Doll Figurine, Clay Deer, Clay Doll with a Drawing, Folk Inspired Art, Romanian Art Object, Holiday ornament
Clay art doll Romanian folk inspired
Art Doll, Handmade decoration Ceramic Sculpture, Home design, Christmas ornament, modern art
Art doll Christmas ornament, home design

Art Doll with Antlers, White Clay Deer Doll, Romanian Folk Inspired Art, Christmas decoration
Art Doll with Antlers, White Clay Deer Doll, Romanian Folk Inspired Art
Art Doll with Antlers, Clay Deer Doll, Handmade Doll with Embroidered Skirt, Mixed Media Art Object, Deer Sculpture, Christmas home decor, modern sculpture
Art doll, Deer sculpture, Perfect Christmas ornament
We haven't posted anything for quite some time, we've been lazy here but not with work as you can see. Last year somewhere in autumn we created two deer lady dolls and this time we wanted to make some new deer head dolls with folk inspiration. So we started collecting hand embroidered fabrics at the flea markets for the skirts of the art dolls and this is part of our work the rest of it you can see in the shop. Then there is a new detail we added to one of the art dolls which is the flower on her headpiece. Nieve - the flower doll - also has a sister who is not yet ready, she still needs a skirt. Making the flower was quite a challenge but we eventually succeeded creating it.
Right now we are busy with preparing for a fair we have in march.
We are so happy that we've been chosen to be featured in the next Art Doll Quarterly Magazine which will come out on May. Yayyy !!!

Happy Holidays everyone !

Clay Art Decoration Couples in Love

You can find these wall decorations and more in our online shop DoubleFoxStudio on Etsy
Triangle Contemporary Art, Geometric, Vogel Zeichnung
Tattooed Girl and Wolfe Drawing Ornament
Art, Illustration, 現代藝術, 鉛筆畫
Hanging Geometry Sculpture Drawing on Clay
Drawing, Animal Sculpture, Clay Art , Owl Illustration, 貓頭鷹雕塑
Miniature Art Owl and Bird Love illustration
There has to be a symbiosis between nature and human beings in order to have a healthy and beautiful life, and there is a symbiosis between the material the shapes are created of and the object itself. Our art is inspired by real life but eventually results into surreal

Embroidered Photographs, Strange Gardens

Embroidered Photographs, Strange Gardens

Embroidered Photographs, Geishas in the Garden Decoration

Embroidered Photographs Surreal Nature

These are mixed media art works made on a sheet of paper from the Hungarian book by dr. Gaspar Ferenc called " Around the World " ( 1906 ), showing images and describing his travels : embroidery and drawing
More Embroidered Photographs in our shop DoubleFoxStudio

The Oddest Doll So Far

You can find this odd doll in our online shop
Sculpture with a Fox Drawing, Clay Figurine Ornament
Fantastic Neon Pink Assamblage Doll With Fox Drawing
This is our new creation, different from all the other dolls we've made so far. There are more to come. We are busy with creating an odd series of three. This one is called " No.3 ". She has so many secrets hidden in her eyes, don't you think ?

Who Will Wear the Necklace & New Deer Ladies

Romanian Folk Inspired Art, Sculpture
Art Doll with Red Antlers
Clay Decoration, Embroidered Doll, Handmade Original Art
Romanian Folk inspired art
modern art, folk sculpture
Deer Art Doll with Golden Antlers

We've been away on a short holiday for a few days and we've almost forgotten today was the day we must announce the happy winner . Ta ra raaa raaa : number 24, that is Charlotte / Default to Love. Thank you all for the beautiful comments you left ! We are so happy to see there are so many animal lovers out there, it makes us be more confident that more and more people will care about them and take care of them! You must understand that we live in a country where these beautiful creatures are not only abandoned but also treated with unimaginable cruelty and this fills our hearts with sadness. We hope that in time things will get better and all the sorrow and pain will go away. We can already see some change but it's all happening in very small steps. All we know is that we'll love them more and more
Let's be a little more cheerful : in the images above you can see some of our new dolls. We call them the Deer Ladies, they all wear hand embroidered skirts. This is a doll collection in which all the pieces wear skirts made of vintage fabric with an ethnic and folk touch
We still have some work on a few of them, they aren't all finished. We'll be back with more photographs and some news. Until then you can find these in the shop

Two Dogs

As we promised last week ... ta ra raaa it's a giveaway ! You can win this handmade clay necklace with a drawing. Its name is " In Love " . We enjoy drawing dogs, we think you've already noticed that. We love animals very much we have two dogs too and recently adopted a beautiful black cat. We rescued her from a hole in a cellar where she was trapped and couldn't get out, she was only a month old. She must have crawled in there and then didn't know how to come out, but the firemen succeeded in taking her out. We took her home and wanted to find her a good home as we thought the dogs wouldn't like her. They did though, she even considers one of them her mother. We fell in love with her and she stayed. Her name is Atena
Now let's talk about the picture above. For a chance to win, just leave a comment below with a contact link - so we can let you know if you win - before June 29th
We'll announce the winner the following day. Good luck and a beautiful summer month of June

Embroidered Photographs

    Hello friends ! We are so sorry we've been away for so long. The truth is we are really bad at posting on a regular basis although there are many times we'd like to share thoughts and things that happened in our lives but we find writing in another language difficult and often a bit far from " the real ". We don't know whether you understand our feelings.
    So we'd like to tell you about the new little challenge which we found really exciting. You must have already noticed  that we always look for the unexpected and new, we are so excited whenever we try new techniques. You can see the results below. We had these old photographs which didn't really have and artsy or aesthetic value, only the fact that they were a small inheritance from our parents teenage years and we'd look at them with a smile on our faces thinking about them. We've always admired the glorious skills of embroidery artists. Some of the photos are only painted. It's so strange and different from working on a blank paper sheet where you must start. The interesting and delightful, although sometimes extremely difficult part is that these images are already " started " by someone else and you have to make a work in a situation where someone else has set the first rules. At first we thought it's fun but soon we realized it was quite difficult. Not to speak about the sewing part which was also a first made on a photograph. We've sewn soft dolls, but paper is something else.
   On the whole, it was fun and tiresome  at the same time but each small step can lead to something new and interesting.
What about you , do you like trying new techniques ?
   Oh, don't miss the giveaway  next week here ! We wish you a super weekend and a fantastic new week !

Happy Spring Time Everyone !

Hello everyone ! We hope you're all fine and busy creating beautiful things.We are so sorry we haven't been around for quite some time now as we were very busy with our new sculpture works. We also want to wish you a happy 2013 full of inspiration and beauty !

So....We're celebrating spring with this giveaway : a clay necklace decorated with a drawing. The pendant is all handmade by us and it's one of our most loved designs. In order to win you must enter our Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Harem6/214231368610633

Good luck and talk to you soon ! 

Love, Ildiko & Flavia


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