Merry Christmas !

We hope you're all having an amazing Christmas time. This year we thought about making some ornaments, one of them is in the picture, we weren't in the mood for a tree decoration. And the dogs enjoyed it too.
Love to you all, Ildiko & Flavia

The Morran Book Project

Some of you might already know about Camilla Engman's book project.It's a book full of Morran pictures made by people from all around around the world and the profit would go to a good cause (preferrable something that has to do with dogs). The book is ready now and the profit will go to WSPA - World Society for the Protection of Animals -Sweden. Unfortunately Morran passed away only a few days ago more quickly than thought due to her lump which was growing really fast. We were so sad, with tears in our eyes ...we loved to read about her and Camilla, to see the pictures about her adventures on her blog.
Here's the link to the book. We were so happy to see our two drawings are in both books and probably we'll have them in the shop soon. Till then you can enjoy them here.

May & Azure + Special Offer In Our Shop

Hi there ! We're so happy we succeded finishing these two dolls as we've had to work on other projects - we promise to talk about them soon ! - and we've hardly found some time two make them. The moment May was finished we knew she reminded us spring and all the fresh air and new born flowers, grass and trees that come to life and start living in joy. Her dress is made of an old tablecloth, from around the 1940's that was handsewn with amazing plants and butterflies. So when we saw it at the flea market we knew it had to be her dress. Her face was ready and we were looking for her dress and there we found it. About her sister, Azure, all we can say is that she's from a far away planet, traveling from one planet to the other looking for amazing stories to tell. Her favorite color is blue as it brings her childhood into her memory.
We hope you'll like them as much as we've enjoyed creating them!
We also want to let you know that until this Wednesday we have a special offer in our shop as the holidays are coming and you might be looking for gifts.So this is the perfect time to shop with us: buy minimum 2 items from our shop and you'll get one of them at 25% off the listed price. All you have to do is convo us in order to prepare the listing for you with the 25% discount on the item you've chosen. The prints are not included in this offer. And of course you'll also find there these two beauties we've introduced to you today.
We wish you all beautiful days of inspiration !

Hello !

Hi everyone ! We've been kind of lazy here lately . But we've been really busy with the works for our new group show that will take place at the beginning of November. We almost finished the works which are something different from what we've made until now and it was a lot of work but it was totally worth it ! We are going to add the final touches today and then they are ready. We promise to post their photos somewhere in November.
Till then, enjoy these new jewelry pieces !

Group Show - FeminitARTE

Hi everyone !
We wanted to share this with you: A new art gallery, Art Yourself, opened in Bucharest focusing on contemporary art, it happened on the 22 of September. Their opening show called FeminitARTE gathered several contemporary artists work with a vision on femininity and the woman's image in the contemporary society. Our dolls and drawings were part of the show.
At the bottom of the page you can check out the catalogue of the exhibition.

Our First Work From the Series Showroom Dummies

Summer doesn't always mean only holiday, but also work. We've been busy with working on our new collection of animals and objects. This bear is not a silent piece, if you pull the little ball at its end it will start singing a lullaby. The new works are full with monkeys, plants and birds. We'll be posting them here in the nearest future. Till then, enjoy this one ! We hope you'll love him just as much as we do !

Bird Nurse

We've been so excited to show you this creation! We love our Bird Nurse so much and wanted to show her to you and tell you how wonderful it was to create her although there were hours of hard work, but nothing compares to the feeling one has during working. We hope you'll love her just as much as we do !


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