Who Will Wear the Necklace & New Deer Ladies

Romanian Folk Inspired Art, Sculpture
Art Doll with Red Antlers
Clay Decoration, Embroidered Doll, Handmade Original Art
Romanian Folk inspired art
modern art, folk sculpture
Deer Art Doll with Golden Antlers

We've been away on a short holiday for a few days and we've almost forgotten today was the day we must announce the happy winner . Ta ra raaa raaa : number 24, that is Charlotte / Default to Love. Thank you all for the beautiful comments you left ! We are so happy to see there are so many animal lovers out there, it makes us be more confident that more and more people will care about them and take care of them! You must understand that we live in a country where these beautiful creatures are not only abandoned but also treated with unimaginable cruelty and this fills our hearts with sadness. We hope that in time things will get better and all the sorrow and pain will go away. We can already see some change but it's all happening in very small steps. All we know is that we'll love them more and more
Let's be a little more cheerful : in the images above you can see some of our new dolls. We call them the Deer Ladies, they all wear hand embroidered skirts. This is a doll collection in which all the pieces wear skirts made of vintage fabric with an ethnic and folk touch
We still have some work on a few of them, they aren't all finished. We'll be back with more photographs and some news. Until then you can find these in the shop

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