Ligia’s Kitchen

Noi de ceva vreme ne-am schimbat stilul de alimentatie: am devenit vegetariene. Bineinteles, dorim sa devenim vegane numai ca ne trebuie mai multa vointa sa renuntam la tot ce societatea ne-a prezentat drept bun. Ligia este un model bun de urmat, iar sfaturile ei culinare sunt extraordinare. Vizitati cu incredere blogul ei si poate va schimbati si voi dieta....
Ligia Pop va prezinta primul site din Romania care ofera sfaturi si retete despre raw vegan diet.

Eko & Ona & Special Giveaway

We are so happy to introduce you these two beauties and...we were invited to make a special giveaway on Bettina's blog. We are so excited about this event! We are sure you will like it!

The Story You Can Tell Isn’t The Real Story

He is a journalist, writer, sociologist, programmer from Transylvania ... and our friend. Marius wrote his first piece of fiction when he was 14 and has been writing ever since. We think he is very good at it. Two of his plays are now on stage at the Romanian National Theatre in Cluj. This is his first book (The Story You Can Tell Isn’t The Real Story) published with one of our works on the cover. We are very proud that one of our pieces of art is on such a great book.
Congrats Marius!

We've been absent for some time because we work a lot, creating art objects for the new exhibitions and Christmas, some of them you'll find here soon. In the mean time we have two surprises here and here. Hope you'll like them! We wish you a fabulous new weekend!

Fresh Blogs

We've been thinking about creating two other blogs with different subjects, but we didn't have the time... It finally happened! We are so happy about this: Inspiration and Photography. Hope you'll enjoy the visit! We wish you a peasant journey!

New Work

We've been working a lot every day, as we are having two exhibitions and one is very soon, this fall in Bucharest. The other one is in Austria later. Plus we had to make some commissioned work. Some of the works are ready (finally we had time to take these pictures today). And today was more of a leisure day, the feeling was so amazing after so much drawing and thinking, seeing some of them finished. It was only one short holiday today, but after these works will be finished we are going on a real holiday . Can't wait for that!

Something Fresh...and Unique

Hope you enjoy our new neckleces. They are made for special people who want to combine a fresh and unique look with art, for people full of life and imagination. You can see more of our jewelry here

Tatum's Tea Party and Her Secret Thoughts

Today is a special day, the day of Tatum's Tea Party. All the dolls are coming to the magic white locker 'cause it's 5 o'clock and Tatum prepared her magic tea, an old secret recipe.

She is waiting for her guests in her fancy black and white dress. She is wearing the red hart, the symbol of love and the green circle, the symbol of nature.

Rusalka, the two headed girl is also here, enjoying the tea and the company of her friends. The magic eye that she wears can see in the heart of anyone and because of that we'll find out all the secrets floating in the air....

The last to come are Camil, the handsome swimmer and the delicate Gia...but nobody expected them to come together as a couple.

Troisette and Lee-Loo, the rabbit girl, are talking to them, so they understand that they are crazily in love. Gia is dreaming of the future life with Camil....

Troisette prepared a special tea for the two lovers; but nobody knows that Tatum and her sister Maaike put a spell on that tea to break their love apart, as Maaike was also in love with Camil.

Unfortunately for Maaike the spell didn't work out but increased their love and Camil asked Gia to marry him. We couldn't know all of these if the magic eye of Rusalka didn't tell us. The end of the party was a happy one ( not for everybody) and TRUE LOVE wins no matter what!
Enjoy your tea!
Want some more tea? Follow all the Mad Tea Partys around the world.

New Jewelry Project

These are a few of our new works. Yay! We are really very excited about this new project: creating necklaces. We've been wanting to share this with you for some time, but we simply didn't have time to take pictures. We finally took pictures, but still there is no time yet to prepare the pictures.... Soon time will come and then you will find them here !


We are so happy to show you Anais. She was born yesterday: she is so fond of flowers. As soon as she was born she has already started collecting plants for her ierbarum, flying and expressing her joy with each plant she found. She is so glad to be born on such a sunny day. The summer welcomed her with arms opened wide. Enjoy !


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