This Saturday was almost perfect, as we had previously planned a trip to the flea market and days of looking for inspirational objects are always amazing. Only something unexpected came up which was both a bit annoying but in a way interesting too. As soon as we got there we realized it had changed its location so we had to look for it and it wasn't very easy as it's on a vast plane where very few people live and there wasn't anyone to ask about it. So we got into a random trip that finally led us to the land of treasures. And it was totally worth it ! Here are some photographs taken in our home where you can see some of our vintage objects and photographs we love to collect and our two favorite cactus plants. In the last picture on the left it's a sculpture of the Romanian artist Tara and on the right one of his linocuts. Oh ! And in the first image on the wall the oval photograph is of my brother ( Ildiko ) in his kinder garden outfit . I love that photo !
P. S. : New necklaces here !


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