Dear spectators, friends, followers...we are again here in order to express our full gratitude towards those who support us on our long journey of creation with all their love and kind words.We assure you that it means tremendously much to us! Through this blog we succeeded meeting so many wonderful people, so many amazing little worlds living in this great world that doesn't seem so big anymore thanks to the blog. Today we would like to thank two very special persons, great artists who value our work. It is such a joy we met them!

Mathilda by Melanie

Faith and Trust by Tammy
Our creations are discovered day by day by more and more people all over the world thanks to this blog. And it seems that some of those who discover them really love them. We are so happy! It encourages us to go on with our work, it means a lot to us .Thank you Yve!

It is always such a joy to see that people like what we make, that maybe we could be somehow an inspiration or simply a joy to those who surround us. We would like to thank Katie for publishing our works on her blog The Constant Gatherer. We are honored beyond words !!!

Yarn Wreath by Katie Runnels

The Dancing Rabbit

Hello our dear friends!
We know we've been a bit lazy regarding our blog only, because, as you can see, we worked a lot on our new collection of little treasures. We were also away for Christmas visiting some close friends, Lucia and Sven, that we haven't seen for ONLY two years ...It was indeed a very rich trip, full of many wonderful cultural experiences. So...when we came back we started working with lots of energy and joy. This is what was born during the last month of January.
We already started our new dolls, but it will probably take some time till they will be ready, because we also have other projects this year, but we don't want to talk about them yet. We loooove surprises, we hope you too.




Alain Le Pilote


Mr. Moon



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