Special Art Dolls! I

We started our new doll collection! these are the first ones. As you can see they are completely different from what we've been making till now. There's a lot of work still, because we have an exhibition in Bucharest next year in October and we must also make other dolls besides this exhibition.

Special Art Dolls! II

Ildiko's work

Bilet cauta stapan!

Bilet este noul nostru catel..pana cand ii vom gasi un stapan.speram sa ii gasim cat mai curand pentru ca la noi e deja aglomaratie(le avem si pe Leska si Veracruz).nu ca nu ne-ar placea sa il pastram si pe el ca e un pui taaaaaare simpatic dar trei e cam mult!asa ca cei interesati ne pot scrie...

Bilet is our 3rd dog, but we try to find a new home for him as we live in an apartament and with 3 dogs....it's too crowded.

Ildiko, Flavia, Leska

Ildiko tried a new look so she decided to get rid of her hair. I've(Flavia)also tried to improve my style so I decided that a punk look might be cute. Leska is very classy lady-dog who doesn't want to change or inprove her look. We love her the way she is.

Necklaces 2009

Girls on wheels

They are made of polymer, their faces are painted and the dresses are of canvas decorated with drawings. Instead of legs they have wire wheels. The wheel is an ancient and universal symbol of unity, wholeness, we often use it in our work, graphic and photography as well.

Dolls with Attitude II

Dolls with Attitude I

We started creating dolls a long time ago, but we started it seriously only a few months ago when we wanted a change in our art, we have our common digital works (ildiko-drawings,all sort of graphic techniques, flavia-photography, painting). Making dolls is a real challenge for us, we enjoy it!


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