Embroidered Photographs

    Hello friends ! We are so sorry we've been away for so long. The truth is we are really bad at posting on a regular basis although there are many times we'd like to share thoughts and things that happened in our lives but we find writing in another language difficult and often a bit far from " the real ". We don't know whether you understand our feelings.
    So we'd like to tell you about the new little challenge which we found really exciting. You must have already noticed  that we always look for the unexpected and new, we are so excited whenever we try new techniques. You can see the results below. We had these old photographs which didn't really have and artsy or aesthetic value, only the fact that they were a small inheritance from our parents teenage years and we'd look at them with a smile on our faces thinking about them. We've always admired the glorious skills of embroidery artists. Some of the photos are only painted. It's so strange and different from working on a blank paper sheet where you must start. The interesting and delightful, although sometimes extremely difficult part is that these images are already " started " by someone else and you have to make a work in a situation where someone else has set the first rules. At first we thought it's fun but soon we realized it was quite difficult. Not to speak about the sewing part which was also a first made on a photograph. We've sewn soft dolls, but paper is something else.
   On the whole, it was fun and tiresome  at the same time but each small step can lead to something new and interesting.
What about you , do you like trying new techniques ?
   Oh, don't miss the giveaway  next week here ! We wish you a super weekend and a fantastic new week !


  1. I like these very much...it's always good to try something new, even if it is tiresome, nothing is ever a waste of time :)

  2. Great! I love these pictures.

  3. These are fabulous...I so love!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Love what you've done with these--all your work is so creative and fresh in spirit! I also love trying new approaches, new techniques and materials!



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