Hand Embroidered Art Dolls Christmas Ornaments for your Home

Art Doll, Air Dry Clay Art Object, Dolls with Drawings, Geometry, Mixed Media, Ceramic Sculpture, Christmas ornament, Embroidered
Mixed media ceramic art doll with fish, flower and geometry

Art Doll with Antlers,OOAK Doll Figurine, Clay Deer, Clay Doll with a Drawing, Folk Inspired Art, Romanian Art Object, Holiday ornament
Clay art doll Romanian folk inspired
Art Doll, Handmade decoration Ceramic Sculpture, Home design, Christmas ornament, modern art
Art doll Christmas ornament, home design

Art Doll with Antlers, White Clay Deer Doll, Romanian Folk Inspired Art, Christmas decoration
Art Doll with Antlers, White Clay Deer Doll, Romanian Folk Inspired Art
Art Doll with Antlers, Clay Deer Doll, Handmade Doll with Embroidered Skirt, Mixed Media Art Object, Deer Sculpture, Christmas home decor, modern sculpture
Art doll, Deer sculpture, Perfect Christmas ornament
We haven't posted anything for quite some time, we've been lazy here but not with work as you can see. Last year somewhere in autumn we created two deer lady dolls and this time we wanted to make some new deer head dolls with folk inspiration. So we started collecting hand embroidered fabrics at the flea markets for the skirts of the art dolls and this is part of our work the rest of it you can see in the shop. Then there is a new detail we added to one of the art dolls which is the flower on her headpiece. Nieve - the flower doll - also has a sister who is not yet ready, she still needs a skirt. Making the flower was quite a challenge but we eventually succeeded creating it.
Right now we are busy with preparing for a fair we have in march.
We are so happy that we've been chosen to be featured in the next Art Doll Quarterly Magazine which will come out on May. Yayyy !!!

Happy Holidays everyone !

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