Bird Nurse

We've been so excited to show you this creation! We love our Bird Nurse so much and wanted to show her to you and tell you how wonderful it was to create her although there were hours of hard work, but nothing compares to the feeling one has during working. We hope you'll love her just as much as we do !

Dog - Strange Heart

There are days of joy, others are of sadness, some of slow dreaming, of contemplation. But there are days when one seeks for somethung to be sought . Today it's a cloudy day and clouds are also a bit inside... This dog happened on days of joy combined with days of soft creation. It's so great having those days and when we don't, the rest of the days we wait patiently for them to come.
Have a wonderful Sunday! We are a bit hmmm...down, today, maybe we'll cheer up tonight as we are going out. :)

Lourdes, Scarlett & Aire

Hi everyone ! Finally we put arms to these dolls, they were ready only they didn't have any arms and were already screaming from the shelf :). Now they are fine, smiling happily and waiting for a new home to go to.
We got a bit upset lately as our two little dogs, Leska and Veracruz have been both sick, one with her back the other one with her stomach. We had to take them to the vet. He "repaired" them! So we can work at our new creatures and necklaces peacefully.
We wish you a sunny weekend and maybe a swim in the pool ?! We'll take the dogs to the river, Leska loves swimming although she needs a little help, she's still afraid. And Veracruz will bark at her from the shore as she hates water :).


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