Merry Christmas !

We hope you're all having an amazing Christmas time. This year we thought about making some ornaments, one of them is in the picture, we weren't in the mood for a tree decoration. And the dogs enjoyed it too.
Love to you all, Ildiko & Flavia


  1. LOVE your Christmas branches .... looks wonderful
    and I love the color of the wall too
    oh ..... I love your art TOO !!!!
    Merry Christmas !

  2. I love your Christmas tree (branches) and the wrapping papers are so cool!
    Great idea!
    Happy holidays to you.

  3. Happy Christmas and New Year Ildiko & Flavia lovely branches.
    Looking forward to sprouting spring branches soon too

  4. Thank you! We're happy you like the branches. We're a bit sad we'll have to take them off soon as Christmas won't be forever.Isn't that wrapping absolutely adorable, Erin? The moment I (Ildiko) saw it I knew something beautiful was waiting there.

  5. Fantastic decoration :-)
    I love your work!
    It is 2012, and I wish you a happy new year, let´s hope it´s MAGIC!
    Love from Liv

  6. Great decoration, so much better then a tree!
    Happy new year.



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