Lourdes, Scarlett & Aire

Hi everyone ! Finally we put arms to these dolls, they were ready only they didn't have any arms and were already screaming from the shelf :). Now they are fine, smiling happily and waiting for a new home to go to.
We got a bit upset lately as our two little dogs, Leska and Veracruz have been both sick, one with her back the other one with her stomach. We had to take them to the vet. He "repaired" them! So we can work at our new creatures and necklaces peacefully.
We wish you a sunny weekend and maybe a swim in the pool ?! We'll take the dogs to the river, Leska loves swimming although she needs a little help, she's still afraid. And Veracruz will bark at her from the shore as she hates water :).


  1. How i love these dolls, your work is so creative, love them all

  2. I am glad the dogs have been "repared".

    Extraordinary job with the dolls. I know the feeling when a doll is unfinished and just crying out to be done!


  3. Yes, everybody is happy now, both dogs and dolls aren't crying anymore, Veracruz can happily run after cats outside and suddenly block when a cat stops, then they just look at each other not knowing what to do with each other :).

  4. I adore them! If I were one of these dolls I would be the middle one with green eyeshadow. We are kindred spirits! :)



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