1. Ahhhhh, two cuties for sure! Love the expression in Veracruz/ eyes - beautiful


  2. such beautiful and wise spirits that have chosen you as companions! you are both blessed! these ladies are very much loved..... i can see it in their eyes. and i also see....that they too are very much in love with their "mamas".
    god bless you

  3. Love the doggies...they're such a blessing. My husband and I decided our 2 little Chihuahuas, Senor Cacahuate and Maya, are the best kids the two of us have ever had...between the two of us, we have 7 adult children!!

  4. Oh Leska's lovely ears!!!
    I can't believe Veracruz is a fighter, she looks far too sweet!
    Sweet Sisters ;)

  5. Thank you ladies for your kind words! Well,they are definitely two very much loved dogs and they also love us tremendously.It's such joy having them,those who own such beauties know what we mean-Georgina,you seem to experiment what we are talking about. Leska has really huge ears for a dog of her size.When the veterinarian saw her first he started smiling and said she looked like some strange creature from Star Wars.Dear Melanie,Veracruz has a very kind smile and she looks very obedient but when she really wants something she transforms completely and becomes a real fighter...

  6. Ah, Veracruz, my dog Galileo has the same character, so I know she must be lovely ;)



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